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The best and most effective calming product that money can buy!  The horses head is one of the most sensitive places in their entire body.  Stiffness in the cranial region can cause tightness through their whole body.  Our halter has padded IC Technology over the poll area of the horse, extending down the entire crown piece and fitting just between the TMJ and proximal to the atlas wing.  Our halter also has a second IC fleece padded piece over the nose piece of the halter, covering the bridge of the horses’ very sensitive nose.


There are many examples of applying our halter to a nervous horse and within 60 seconds they begin to close their eyes and sigh.  The Hansbo Sport Halter is a must have, and the perfect introductory item for anyone new to our products as it will have the most dramatic effect to our human eyes.


Practical Uses:

  • For the nervous horse in any situation (trailering, farrier work, stalling, new experiences, etc)
  • A great pre-workout relaxation technique
  • Horses with ear or poll sensitivity

Technical Specs:

  • Padded crown and nose band for additional comfort
  • Steel buckles and hardware
  • Quick release throatlatch snap


  • Wash in cool water and hang to dry.
  • Our ICM technology is infused in to every fiber and not damaged by washing.

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