Jeremy Meador

Jeremy Meador trains horses and competes, in the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA). Star, Idaho is where he calls home for the past 25 years, so don’t let that Texas twang of his fool you.

Reined Cow Horse is comparable to 3-day eventing, in that both are 3 event disciplines designed to showcase a horses’ versatility, athleticism and courage. The 3 events are herd, reining and fence work.  It takes an exceptionally good-minded and athletic horse with natural cow sense to compete in the different events successfully. Jeremy focuses his training on developing the horses’ confidence and intrinsic abilities which are then applied to competition. With confidence comes success and that success is reflected in a well-trained horse. A well-trained horse becomes an asset to any rider, both inside and outside of the show pen.  Our motto is: Champions. Built to Last.


Jeremy’s current top horses:

Cats Survival – In 2018 this gelding was a top 10 finalist at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity, which is the 2nd largest event in the world for 3 year old’s. ‘Sully’ will be competing in the Derbies this year and looking forward to taking him to several big national events.


Upper Class Cat – An exceptionally talented plain little sorrel mare that will also be competing in the Derbies as a 4 year old this year. I won several regional futurities last year on her but she just didn’t have luck on her side at the major events which was so unfortunate because I knew she was capable of being a big-time competitor.   I knew she was special the day she was started as a 2 year old. She’s just so level headed, coupled with an overflowing amount of natural talent.  Super excited to compete on her this year with that added year of maturity to boost her confidence and strength.


“In 2018 we started using Hansbo products. We love the way all of their products fit our horses and are designed to be durable. We use the tendon boots on every horse, every day, and not a single one has broken or come apart. We trust them because they provide the leg protection our horses require, while providing healing and recovery qualities that we love. When we follow-up a workout with standing wraps, we feel that we’ve given our athletes the best chance of staying healthy and sound. The variety of blankets Hansbo offers makes it possible to have one on our horses any time of the year, during the hot summer or the cold winter.”

“Our horses always look and feel great, whether at home or at shows, with Hansbo products!”

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